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Rental Income Declaration in Turkey


The Presidency of Revenue Administration has learns about nonresident assessable individuals as per citizen centered administration rule and Turkish Tax Legislation.

As a consequence of these studies, “The Guidebook for The Rental Income Declaration Of Nonresident Taxable Person in Turkey” is set up with a specific end goal to advise them.

Nonresident assessable individuals can acquire definite data about the extent of rental salary in Turkey, legitimate premise, obtaining time of rental pay, announcement time and area of rental pay, special cases and identical rental esteem and consequences of non-documenting.

We trust that this manual will be useful for nonresident assessable individuals in Turkey about rental wage assertion.

The Rental Income Declaration of Nonresident Taxable Person in Turkey

(Nonnatives who does not have a position of habitation in Turkey and Turkish nationals who live abroad)

The Legal Basis of the Taxation of Rental Income Obtained by the Nonresident Taxable People in Turkey

The nonresident people are liable to restricted risk just from their salary acquired in Turkey.

In this connection, an outsider who spends not exactly a nonstop time of six months in Turkey amid a logbook year and whose standard home is not in Turkey is viewed as nonresident assessable individual with restricted risk.

Wage acquired in Turkey implies that related unfaltering property is in Turkey and these property and rights are being used and assessed in Turkey.

Charge Liability of Nonresident Taxable People in Turkey Obtaining Rental Income

Rental wage acquired from the lease of property and rights said above as business property and house by proprietor, holder, proprietor of the usufruct and easement and leaseholders in Turkey are liable to genuine property charge.

The rental salary got from these property and rights is liable to impose and called “Genuine Property Tax”.

What is the Rental Income?

The pay got from lease of the properties and rights ( land, building, rights, and so forth.) which are expressed in the Article 70 of the Income Tax Law are liable to wage charge as “Genuine Property Tax”. Then again, properties and rights which are being used of business or rural foundation, salary acquired from them is ascertained by of determination business or horticultural pay.

Then again, for an nonresident citizen salary acquired from working his/her home as a benefits or separated inn is liable to business wage and it is required to be a citizen and to give wage assertion to duty workplaces as indicated by the procurements of business pay.

The tax assessment states of rental pay got from the lease of these property and rights is clarified in taking after articles from 70th Article of Law.

What is the Acquisition Time of Rental Income ?

The rental pay of the present year or the earlier years acquired by citizens either in trade or out kind is viewed as the wage picked up in current year.

For instance; if the rental wage of the 2004, 2005 and 2006 is gathered in 2007, the wage will be viewed as the wage of 2007.

The rental wage of the pending years got ahead of time will be viewed as the rental pay of each related year and will be proclaimed in related year.

For instance; if the rental salary of the 2007, 2008 and 2009 is gathered in 2007, the rental pay of every year will be announced in related year.

Regarding outside money rental installments, gross salary is computed by conversion standard declared by The Central Bank of Republic of Turkey on gathering date. On the off chance that there is no present cost at the business sector, it is changed over into the Turkish Liras (TL) as indicated by the rate dictated by Ministry of Finance.

On account of rental installment gathered in-kind, installments are changed over as per the proportional worth in the Tax Procedure Law.

The Conditions for Rental Income Declaration of Nonresident Taxable People in Turkey

The nonresident people are liable to constrained obligation just from their salary got in Turkey.

In this setting, citizens who have just rental wage from resolute properties in Turkey submit steady property charge presentation just if that got wage in a schedule year is over the special case sum.

Time and Place of Rental Income Declaration

The assertion identified with the rental pay acquired in a date-book year is submitted to the approved Tax Office of steady property area until the 25th March of taking after year.

Rental Income Exceptions and Conditions

The sum expressed in Law for rental wage acquired from lease as a house in a date-book year is exempted from expense.

The special case sum for 2007 is 2.300 TL.

This special case is not substantial for nonresident individuals in Turkey in the accompanying conditions:

On account of non-documenting or downplayed recording by citizen regardless of his rental pay over the excellent sum.

On account of yearly assertion commitment for income from business, agrarian and proficient exercises in Turkey.

Proportionate Rental Value Principle

The measure of rental pay from property and rights can not be under the proportionate rental quality. In case of gainful control of property and rights, identical rental worth is acknowledged as rental pay esteem.

Proportional rental quality for grounds and structures is dictated by powers or courts, if not the worth is 5% of the assessment esteem decided by Tax Procedure Law.

Proportional rental worth for other property and rights is 10 % of cost estimation of them, on the off chance that it is obscure 10 % of quality decided by appropriate to assessment of riches in the Tax Procedure Law.

Inapplicable Circumstances for Equivalent Rental Value

Proportionate Rental Value is not relevant in the accompanying conditions:

Valuable occupation for safety’s sake reason for void property.

Task of working to lineal predecessors, relatives or sibling/sisters ( if there is more than one house doled out to them, proportional rental quality for stand out of them is not computed. For wedded sibling/sister identical rental worth for one and only of accomplices is not figured.)

Living arrangement of property proprietor with his/her relatives in the same house or level.

Lease of property to general and attached spending plan organizations, unique commonplace organizations, regions and other open body and associations.

Material Circumstances for Equivalent Rental Value

Proportional rental worth is connected on account of low or no quality for rental salary. As per this guideline; the rental wage under the equal rental esteem or got from helpful occupation is liable to identical rental quality.

Estimation of Equivalent Rental Value

Proportionate rental quality for terrains and structures is dictated by powers or courts.

In the event that this is not the case and no estimation or determination for building or land is expressed; comparable rental worth is 5 % of land assessment esteem.

Case in point, an nonresident individual rent his property with 100.000 TL land charge worth to his companion without charge; in spite of the fact that there is no rental wage, no less than (100.000 * 5 %)= 5.000 TL rental pay is to be pronounced as proportionate rental quality.

Installment Time and Place

The wage expense is paid in two portions. The primary portion in the month of March, and the second one in July will be paid.

The figured assessment can be paid to expense workplaces or approved banks’ branches .

Aftereffects of Non-documenting or Understated Filing

On account of non-documenting or downplayed recording by citizen, the exemption expressed in Law is not substantial.

On the off chance that the rental salary is not proclaimed, the citizen is liable to punishment twice as much first degree anomaly and the wage is evaluated by appraisal council.

The wage assessment and punishment is ascertained on the evaluated esteem. Additionally it is required past due enthusiasm for each deferred month.

The gathered duty, punishment and past due interest is to be paid in a month after the due date of appraisal.

Something else, late installment charge is computed for every month (late installment of charge for part of months is figured for every day of month) and gathered by implementation.

On account of non-documenting or downplayed recording by citizen, it is conceivable to pronounce the rental wage as per the “humility and correction” conditions of Tax Procedure Law. Rental salary special case is legitimate for citizens who proclaim rental pay through contrition and expense punishment as indicated by Tax Procedure Law is not connected. Contrition interest is connected for these citizens.

The Deductible Expenses from Rental Income

There are two unique strategies about the costs that can be deducted from rental wage keeping in mind the end goal to decide the net wage of genuine property wage ;

– Lump-whole use premise

– Actual consumption premise.

The decision made between single amount and genuine use premise is connected to all resolute properties.

Stand out of the use premise can be connected for all enduring properties.

The Deductible Expenses in the Actual Expenditure Basis

On account of selecting real consumption premise taking after costs are deductible from gross rental salary;

• Lighting, warming, water and lift costs for leased property paid by lessor,

• Management charges identified with organization of leased property and measured by of property,

• Insurance costs of leased property and rights,

• Interest of obligations identified with leased property and rights and 5% of procurement estimation of a leased house for a long time starting from the date of obtaining. ( This conclusion is connected just for rental pay of leased house, non-deductible part is not assessed as use overflow. This finding is not substantial for houses obtained before 2001.)

• Real home expense, charges, uncommon assesments paid for leased property and right, investment rate paid to districts by lessor,

• Amortization for leased property and rights,

• Repair costs of the leased property made by lessor,

• Maintenance costs of leased property and rights,

• Rents and other real costs paid by subletter,

• Rent of the house obliged by lessor who leases their own particular properties ( aside from rents paid by nonresident assessable individual in different nations)

• Cost of harms and remunerations paid for leased property and rights taking into account contract, act or judgment.

In any case, the measure of the costs which relate to special case is not deductible. Deductible cost that compare to assessable income is ascertained by utilizing taking after equation.

Assessable Income x Total Cost

All out Income

Likewise, citizens who favor the genuine cost premise are assume to keep every one of the records about costs for a long time and submit them if there should arise an occurrence of expense office request.

Remittance for Expenses in Lump-aggregate Expenditure Basis

% 25 of rental pay subsequent to deducting the extraordinary sum from aggregate rental pay is deductible as remittance for costs by citizens who favored the singular amount use premise (with the exception of the ones leased their rights).

In any case, after the inclination for single amount use premise, real use premise can not be decided for a long time.

Exemption Applied to Rental Income

On the off chance that there is more than one proprietor of a house, the special case fortification the tax assessment of rental pay is connected independently for every proprietor as 2.300 YTL.

In the event that the legacy is not shared by the beneficiaries every beneficiary can advantage independently from this exemption.

On account of rental salary from more than one house, the exemption is connected just once to the aggregate rental pay.


Up to the measure of 7.500 TL


1.125 TL for 7.500 TL of 19.000 TL, over


3.425 TL. for 19.000 TL. of 43.000 TL, over


9.905 TL. for 43.000 TL of over sum surpassing 43.000 TL, over



Genuine property rental wage, is taken care of in 6th article, entitled “Got Income from Immovable Property”, of twofold tax assessment settlements executed by Turkey and right of tax assessment is left to nation in which relentless property found.

For this situation, tax collection right of rental wage got from relentless property in Turkey by people domiciled in contracting country is left inside the structure of methodology and standards expressed in Turkish inward enactment and there is no any complete proviso for Turkish inner enactment.


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