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Buying a property in Turkey – F.A.Q.

What is the time difference? will Turkey observe daylight-saving time / Summer Time? Turkey is on Greenwich Mean Time + a pair of. this suggests that Turkey is one hour previous European and a couple of hours previous the united kingdom and eire customary times.

Like most states in Europe, Summer (Daylight-Saving) Time is discovered in Turkey, wherever the time is shifted forward by one hour; three hours previous borough mean solar time (GMT+3).
What is the most effective time to go to Turkey? It depends if you prefer to swimming and sunbathing, looking, skiing… In average, the climate in Turkey’s areas is as follows:

Marmara coasts – (Istanbul): Hot summers and gentle winters.
Aegean coasts – (Izmir): Hot summers and gentle winters.
Mediterranean coasts – (Antalya): Hot summers and gentle winters.
Black Sea coast – (Trabzon): Temperate climate, heat summers, gentle winters and comparatively high downfall.
Central peninsula – (Ankara): champaign climate with hot, dry summers; cold winters.
Can I bring my laptop? Is there web access? area unit there any web cafes? Yes, you’ll be able to bring your laptop computer with you. make certain that you simply have a convertor with you for the plug.
There area unit wireless fidelity points within the resort areas; most of the hotels have wireless web and there area unit several web cafes round the resorts in Turkey.
What is the Mains provide voltage – area unit adaptors needed? The Turkish mains power provide is 220 holiday fifty cycle per second. the quality Wall sockets take 2 spherical pin plugs (see picture). You’ll would like associate degree adapter if you’re traveling from the united kingdom or eire and shall use appliances not fitted with this sort of plug; it’s a decent plan to bring an appropriate adapter with you once traveling to Turkey.
If you finish up landing in Turkey while not one, you’ll be able to raise a Turkish electrician’s search (elektrikci).

Is it safe to drink H2O in Turkey? Tap water in Turkey is appropriate for showering and regular tasks like brushing teeth etc. However, it’s suggested to drink drinking water.
What is the health service like in Turkey? Area unit foreign insurances accepted?Turkey’s health care is extremely smart and really quick scrutiny to several countries in Europe.

Health commercial enterprise could be a growing sector in Turkey, for attention, eye surgery, cosmetic surgery… Izmir, because the third biggest town in Turkey, is handily situated for accommodation, searching and looking. Guests staying in metropolis, as an example, will relish some days restful on Kusadasi beaches before/after treatment or soak up a number of the remains of ancient civilisations with a visit to metropolis.

Foreign insurances area unit accepten in camera hospitals in Turkey.
Can I use my movable in Turkey? Yes; providing your phone is international roaming enabled.
The 3 main GSM operators in Turkey area unit Turkcell, Avea/Telsim and every one GSM operators have roaming agreements with international operators.
The calls you’ll be creating and area unit receiving are going to be costlier than reception. therefore higher visit your operator and make certain you prime up your phone before traveling.

What ought to I do if my Passport is lost or stolen? Consulates in Turkey?In the event of a loss, it’s best to contact your countries nearest Embassy, diplomatic building or Mission and learn the particular documentation needs for re-issue as these might vary country to country.

You can notice a listing of consulates and embassy’s in Turkey and their contact details.

Also, straight off contact your travel agency/tour operator.

Note: make certain you usually have a replica of your passport with you.
Can I use my mastercard in Turkey? am i able to use Travelers Cheques? Credit cards area unit accepted in most outlets and restaurants in Turkey. However, the smaller outlets might not settle for credit cards, therefore it’s typically a decent plan to undertake continually to possess some money handy.

Travelers Cheques will be paid at banks and exchange bureaus, against a fee. it’s conjointly price to raise your edifice as they will money Travelers Cheques in addition.
Are there any insects in Turkey?There area unit dipterones in sure areas therefore it’s conjointly a decent plan to require precautions in your sleeping room with a mosquito plug, spray etc. These will be provided by the native pharmacies in addition.
What is driving like in Turkey? am i able to rent a car? As within the most of the Mediterranean, Turkish Drivers might seem to drive “crazy”. concerning road conditions; Turkish Roads and Highways area unit typically in smart repair however some coastal or mountain roads will be somewhat slim and winding.
See our driving in Turkey section
You can rent a automobile in Turkey. Automobile rent firms and police would force you to point out your full license from your home country. If you’ve got your full license, you will not ought to get a world one.
Do i want a visa to go to Turkey? Depending upon your position, you will would like a visa to enter Turkey.

Sticker kind visas area unit issued at the port of entry and permit staying in Turkey for up to ninety days.

It prices ten GBP for the united kingdom and ten for Irish and European passport holders. If there’s quite one person traveling on a similar passport, every individual is prone to pay the visa fee.
Is there a lot of crime in Turkey? Is Turkey safe?Interpol ranks Turkey because the safest vacation destination in Europe for travelers.
For sure sense precautions ought to be taken against petty crimes like choose pocketing, bag snatching etc. however by and huge guests can notice Turks to be friendly and useful.
Do i want to hold associate degree ID once traveling inside Turkey? You area unit needed the least bit times to hold a political candidate ID with photograph while in Turkey. This may be your passport, ID card, permit, or photocopies of those.
What area unit the shop/office gap times?During the summer season, and particularly within the resort areas, supermarkets, mini-markets and outlets area unit open everyday, typically untill late night and in several cases all night. As a general guideline gap days and times area unit as follows:
Banks: 09.00 – 12.00 and 13.30 – 17.00 weekday to weekday throughout the year except on bank holidays. Some banks tho’ area unit open on Saturdays 0.5 day throughout the peak season.

Post Offices: 08.00 – 20.00 weekday to weekday, and 09.00 – 19.00 on Sundays, throughout the year.
Chemists (Eczane) – 09.00-19.00 weekday to Saturday: twenty four Hour Duty chemists area unit open on a Rota basis and their details area unit announce altogether chemists’ window. Rummage around for the “Nobetci Eczane” sign.


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