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Live & Work in Turkey

Residence visa application procedure

You will have to be compelled to travel the province capital, Aydin. the primary applications ar created here. Renewals ar being method in Kusadasi passport workplace.
Take your passport to Aydin, United Nations agency can advise on however long you’ll have residence visa for. this is often depending on once your passport expires. (Up to a most of five years)
Payment is created to tax workplace for the length of residency needed.

6 months 216.50 TL
1 year 416.30 TL
2 years 815.90 TL
3 years 1215.50 TL
4 years 1615.10 TL
5 years 2014.70 TL

Prices ar valid for 2015.
Complete form and go for the official of district United Nations agency can sign the finished forms.

Documentation you may need:

Receipt of payment from tax workplace
Copy of deed of property or rental agreement
8 images
Retirement papers if applicable
Copy of bank details
For children beneath eighteen notarised copy of credential. Full credential showing names of each folks.

Payment to passport workplace sixty six.00 YTL

Your passport is unbroken by the passport workplace in Aydin, however they’re going to offer you associate authorised copy.
The application can take 6-8 weeks to method.
When your residency has terminated you’ve got up to fifteen days when the date of ending to renew it.
If you lose your residency visa you’ve got to apprize the authorities as presently as potential.
If you’ve got a amendment of address you need to inform the authorities among forty eight hours. If you’ll not go yourself you’ll send somebody on your behalf or send a letter to the authorities.
Any changes in legal status or job should be notified among fifteen days.
Types of residency visa:
Family visa
Individual visa
If you’re operating you may have to be compelled to take a personal visa.

Rejection to living permission are given for any of the subsequent reasons:-
If the foreigner is against the laws, customs and politics of Turkey.
If they’ll not support themselves financially and wrongfully.
If person has been taboo from living in Turkey before.
If you’re charged with perturbing the peace or breaking the law while living in Turkey.
Undesirable characters.

Working in Turkey:

Foreigners can’t add employment that Turkish individuals will do, till they need lived here for eight years or have worked in another occupation wrongfully for six years.
E.g. if you’re a professional dental practitioner you’d not be ready at first to figure at this job.
However once you’ve got lived here for eight years, or worked in an exceedingly completely different occupation for six years, you’ll then work as a dental practitioner.

There ar three forms of work permissions:

Time limited: apply for one year, then if with same leader and doing same job you’ll apply for three years, then if still same job (but may be completely different company) you’ll apply for six years.
Forever: If you’ve got lived in Turkey wrongfully for eight years then you’ll apply for a piece allow, or if you’ve got worked wrongfully for six years.
Independent work permit: when living in Turkey for five years you’ll apply.
Restricted occupations: Health service, legal services, broker.

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